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Top 10 Quebec provincial candidates by number of votes received

Number 6 will shock you! (Well, I suppose if you are easily shocked it will, but this is actually quite unlikely.)

ElectionsDatabase has all Quebec provincial election results since 1867, so we thought we'd ask: which candidates have received the most votes since Canadian Confederation? Obviously the list skews towards candidates who run in multiple elections, who ran in larger ridings and who won large majorities, but it's always hard to tell who'll have won the most total votes (so far) without looking at all the data.

So since this is the internet: here's a top 10 list.

Posted by Paul, 2017-03-01


Canada: A tie in Saint-Jean! (1994)

The 1994 election in the provincial riding of Saint-Jean led to a rare tie, unusual for a contest with so many voters.

Despite 38,894 turning out on election day, voters could not decide between the two leading candidates Michel Charbonneau of Quebec's Liberal Party and Roger Paquin of the Parti Québécois, each receiving exactly 16,536 votes.

Posted by Paul, 2017-02-28


UK: By-election gain for governing Conservatives an oddity

In Thursday's by-elections, the UK Conservatives picked up Copeland from Labour, a seat in the northwest of England, a rare gain for a governing party in the United Kingdom.

Posted by Paul, 2017-02-23