About ElectionsDatabase

ElectionsDatabase exists with one goal in mind: to contain all election results from everywhere throughout all time. Obviously this will take a while, but we feel it's important―and, let's be honest, super cool―to finally make a single global, searchable database of one of democracy's most important acts: voting. Wherever possible we use only official data sources, which we parse, analyse, transform, and record link against the entire database. Follow along as we continue to expand our database in pursuit of this never-ending quest.

Our main page provides up-to-date statistics about the current state of the database, and the latest articles we've written about current and historical election results. Search for your favourite place among the jurisdictions we've catalogued so far, or look for a person, political party or election.

ElectionsDatabase is a project by Centrality Data Science, Inc., located in downtown Calgary. Read more about us and let us know your thoughts about ElectionsDatabase on our Contact page.