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We are opening up, standardizing and combining election data the world over, from all levels of government. Results from official sources are transformed into a single common format and made freely available here. Our record-linkage process allows politicians’ individual bids for election to be joined throughout their political careers.

This is an ambitious project with a long way to go, but we are excited with the progress made so far and have no plans to stop any time soon. Check back often to see what new data we'll add next.

The easiest way to start exploring the database is by browsing the countries we have results for. Keep in mind that we are collecting results from all levels of government, so seeing a country in the list doesn't guarantee that there are federal-level results available―yet!

Current State of the Database

Mission: One billion votes

World poll round-up: France, Germany, New Zealand, Russia and Greece

Recent opinion polls suggest close races in the first round of France's presidential election, as well as the German federal vote, more languid contests for the Russian presidency and New Zealand's parliament, and further polling evidence that SYRIZA's left-wing government in Greece has a difficult road ahead to win re-election.

Posted by Paul, 2017-03-09


Are women underrepresented in politics because they run in areas where their party is weak?

To mark International Women's Day, let's look at some political science research tackling questions of women and politics.

While research in the area of gender and politics is much broader than this, let's look at a few specific questions around elections, political activity and political knowledge. Are women underrepresented in parliaments because they run in less safe ridings? Are young girls more likely to run for office when they see high-profile women in prominent political roles? Are men more politically confident than women? Are women less likely than men to guess the answer to a political knowledge question?

Posted by Paul, 2017-03-08


5 Election Stories You Should Catch Up On

As always, the world's many elections always provide for some interesting reading.

Here are 5 articles you might want to catch up on, covering the effects of populism on evidence-based decision-making in the Netherlands, French Presidential candidate François Fillon's continuing political and polling woes, the difficulty of predicting elections in the world's largest sub-national entity, Uttar Pradesh, and an interesting land use referendum in Los Angeles.

Posted by Paul, 2017-03-07