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A guide to the upcoming Dutch parliamentary election

On March 15, the Netherlands are holding a general election to elect all 150 members of its House of Representatives. Opinion polls taken during the first half of 2016 indicated that Geert Wilders’ right-wing nationalist Party for Freedom would win a large plurality of the seats in the House, but more recent reports have suggested that their lead has dwindled.

Let’s review the Dutch electoral and party system, review the recent opinion polls and otherwise prepare you for your Dutch election results viewing party.

Posted by Paul, 2017-03-05


Next week's election calendar

Let's look at a few interesting elections being held around the world from March 3rd to the 9th.

They run the spectrum of electoral scales: thousands of candidates representing hundreds of parties fighting for more than 75 million votes in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh to an election with tens of thousands of voters select 14 members of the Micronesian congress, all of whom run and sit as independents.

Posted by Paul, 2017-03-03


Every vote counts-- especially when there's only one

Democratic participation is its own reward, even when it's unlikely that your individual vote will matter. Elections have been occasionally tied, but as the number of votes increases, this becomes increasingly unlikely.

But what happens when there's only one vote?

Posted by Paul, 2017-03-02


Europe's anti-establishment parties aren't flourishing in the age of Trump

In the wake of Donald Trump's election last November, many thought that Europe's anti-establishment, nationalist and far-right parties might flourish. For a little while it seemed possible: Italian Prime Minster Matteo Renzi's constitutional reforms failed a referendum and Renzi ultimately resigned.

Now that Trump has been President for a little over a month, we can compare polling for European parties identified as similar to Trump in either ideology or anti-establishment tone in the weeks after Trump's inauguration to the weeks before it. When we do, we can see that Europe's anti-establishment parties aren't flourishing in the age of Trump.

Posted by Paul, 2017-03-02


The Two René Lévesques

The contest in the Quebec provincial election of 1960 in Montreal-Laurier featured the debut star candidate, René Lévesque, a television news broadcaster famous around the province. Running for the Liberals, he faced off against three opponents on election day: Arsène Gagné, the incumbent Union Nationale candidate, Jacques Tozzi, an Independent, and an Independent Liberal candidate -- René Lévesque.

Posted by Paul, 2017-03-01